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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The project I had in the works is done.

It has actually been done for a while, I have just been delayed in posting it here. Before Christmas I searched and searched for an advent calendar that could become a family tradition and be used for years to come. I found many beautiful ones, but the prices were so expensive. Worth it maybe, but not in my budget. So then my thoughts turned to how could I make one. Again my search began for a do-it-yourself advent project and what I found just looked cheesey. So with my hopes of finding something beautiful and lasting fading I went shopping. For 2009 each one of my girls had their own advent calendar. It was pretty, but not what I wanted and by no means was it something to be used year after year. Each day they opened a flap and received a piece of chocolate. So after Christmas while shopping online I found a 3-D Countdown Calendar by Karen Foster. Here is a before and after shot of our Advent Calendar.

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