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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Magic Scratch Paper

While looking through an Oriental Trading Co. catalog I began to wonder if you could use the Magic Scratch Paper in the cricut. For those that don't know the Magic Scratch Paper is a piece of cardstock that is multicolored and then coated with a waxy black film. It is designed for kids. The kids use a stylus and usually a stencil, that is included, to scratch off areas to make the images show through. You can also scratch off your name or random designs. Oriental Trading Co has many different shapes that you can make projects out of.
So while I was looking at the catalog and I saw this paper, I wondered if you could use the cricut to scratch off the images instead of using a stencil. So I bought a kit at Hobby Lobby and decided on an image from the Hannah Montana cartridge. I achieved the design by setting the cricut cutting depth at 1, the speed at 1, and the pressure at 1 so the blade only "kissed" the paper enough to remove the black waxy film. I would only do one image at a time and I would remove the blade after each image to make sure the black film is not hindering the blades movement.
Although I have not tested it yet, I beleive that if I use Glossy Effects over the image it will prevent any further removal of the black film and keep the image intact. I am very pleased with the outcome and plan on using this on a card or two and some layouts for my girls' scrapbooks. Thanks for looking and I hope you will give this a try.
(I wanted to post all the pictures so you could see each area reflect off the flash)


  1. I love the effect I might have to try that sometime, something different to add to cards or layouts. Thanks for sharing .